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Stupid QL question


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I have some experience with Sinclair computers, and I'm still interested in them even though I don't currently have one. I was looking up some sinclair hardware and noticed something strange.


Sinclair sold a 512k (strangely labeled "0.5 Megabyte") RAM expantion that plugged in to the expantion slot. They also sold a third party disk system with their name on it. It plugged in to the expantion slot.


If I get a QL, Sinclair RAM expantion, and Sinclair brand disk system, how do I use both?

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Not at the same time, that's why BITD appeared other third-party "combo" expansions with both FDD and RAM like the Trump Card


You need an internal RAM expansion to free the side connector. Check this video to see some nice examples of how to upgrade internally a QL: Sinclair QL Upgrade Guide

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