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7800 cap location for rf.


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I'm very shock more info on the net is not available. I have a 7800 that gives a very fussy light RF signal. I'm assuming its a capacitor issue, but I can not find what caps would be responsible for this. Can any one help with the location of the caps for RF?

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There are only three electrolytic caps on the 7800 main board and none of them pertain to the RF (though can be worth swapping due to age). The ones that do are inside the RF modulator, which you'll have to remove to get to. Once it's off the top and bottom of the can come apart quite easily. Couldn't tell you what caps are in there as when I'm pulling the RF modulators out, I'll ususally gut them and fit a composite or s-video mod.

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Pretty sure all the caps in the RF are disc ceramic type and not usually prone to go bad. Like @Bratwurst suggested, you likely need to use a plastic hex tool designed for this purpose so that you can adjust the RF tuning inside the RF modulator to better dial it into your TV. Also made sure to clean the RCA jack as they do get pretty cruddy both around the edges and inside. 

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yeah at first it as like wanting an old TV in a really bad storm. the RF rca was really bad and I used sandpaper to get it down to metal. didn't take much effort at all. The jack also never really fit well, not sure I can fix that. I could do a RCA mod but was oping to leave this one as it was. I will play with the pot, thx guys.

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