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CosmosEx corrupting RPi whenever turned off?

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Has anyone run into a problem with the CosmosEx 3.0 constantly corrupting the RPi micro sd card consistently when it is turned off? I thought perhaps the micro sd went bad, so I replaced with a brand new SanDisk, but after flashing the new card then running in the CosmosEx, it runs fine until I turn off the CosmosEx. Next boot and the non-fat partitions are corrupt.

The CosmosEx worked great when I first got it, but it went on the shelf for a while. Now that I finally acquired a TT, I pulled it off the shelf, but have run into this problem.

Am I doing something wrong to cause this? when I'm done using the unit, I just power it off at it's power switch.

Thanks for any help!

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10 hours ago, vattari said:

How is the device being powered?  Externally, or using an internal power source?

Externally with 5v 2a adapter. This did get me thinking though, that I am using a different adapter and usb cable. I'm going to locate the adapter and cable I had used previously when the CosmosEx was not having this issue. Thank you for the idea!

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8 hours ago, 351coug said:

Reading your post you say I got a TT, implying that is a new machine (to you) and that is where the problem is seen. Put it back in the machine you used when it worked and see if it still does. Unless im reading you wrong. 

Yes, I was using this previously with a Mega ST, when the unit was working without issue. However, the card will corrupt before even being hooked up to the TT. I will flash the card, then take the CosmosEx upstairs to hookup to the network via Ethernet (no ethernet downstairs), and get it configured. Once done, I turn off the unit by it's power switch. When I power the device backup, even before connecting to the TT, the CosmosEx just boot loops. Taking the RPi out of the CosmosEx and hooking up to hdmi, I can see it starting the boot process, but then reports it cannot find the other partition. 

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So it appears to have been a bad usb cable. Swapper out the one I was recently using with the cable I had been originally using and now the CosmosEx works fine. No corruption of the micro sd anymore.


Thank you @vattari for getting me to think about the difference in power to the device!

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