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Minimalistic Paddle Test Source

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I just found a bottleneck and I think I found "THE SECRET"

This test 3 is incremented in steps of 1 is incredibly faster.



I edited this post and went strait to version 3.


padded to work on a real system which I did and it works flawlessly in tracking and fast.


I ended up taking it out of the NMI, changed a few lines of code and now I can move on to making exclusive roller controller and spinner games.


Let me know in the comments


paddle test3.rom

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Just tested on real equipment.


I got it folks.

SAC Spinners work within reason of their capability

The Driving Module 100%  (Better than Turbo I bet)

The Roller Controller.  What can I say.

All of this is in single step.

Meaning Sprite steps in 1 byte increments.

So if you wanted a little guy running across the screen maybe you would have it run in two byte increments.


I ask you to test this on real equipment...I beg you to.


Please get back with me.


Next up, tackle Warlords with SAC spinners.

Who knows about any other Roller games.

I would like to try Bowling...Crystal Castles.

That guys Missile Command?  Maybe he would like to update.


BTW, to let yet know that I was having a ton of trouble.
A) Because there are little to no emulator support for the spinners.  CoolCV was the only one I could get to work so programing was a pain.

B) My real equipment turned out to be screwy so I broke out my spare ADAM and BAM!

I need to take apart my main system because of the controller ports are shot.


It is so satisfying to move the Drivers Wheel and the Roller Controller just for the pointer to react instantly and track properly.


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