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Chucky inspired 2600 game I'm working on


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Chuckle_The_Doll_v1.0 (1).a26Im calling the game "Chuckle the killer doll" (Keep in mind this is a WIP and may apear more flickery because of the videos frame rate). You play as Chuckles the killer doll and must throw knives at the running people to earn points, watch out for the obstacles being thrown at you by the people. There is no way of winning at the moment you just see how many points you can get without getting hit and losing. the crowd of people will get smaller each time they're hit but more will come depending on how many points you have.





Screenshot_20220621-090626_YouCut - Video Editor.jpg

Chuckle_The_Doll_v1.0 (1).a26

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