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2022 HSC final round


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Final round: Klax

Start on level one.

Season ends July 12.


Scores for the season:


88 oyamafamily

87 Silver Back

78 Dr Moocowz


66 jeremiahjt

64 toiletunes

56 Deteacher

48 jimblargh

47 BydoEmpire

46 jgkspsx

28 roadrunner

25 mark griff

24 Rick Dangerous

18 Cafeman

18 Propane13

13 Lauren Tyler

10 jblenkle

05 testa


Scores for this round:



This will be my last season for awhile. We'll need to find someone else to run the next season. Thank you all, it has been an honor.

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I'm possibly good with running the busy work part of this with collecting scores, tracking standings, that aspect of it. However, I don't feel super strong knowing the 7800 library and especially the homebrew scene. I could use the help in that regard with picking games that are appropriate for the HSC. Maybe can tag team run it with someone?

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