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31 years of Sonic: Sonic Origins

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I was able to find a rom of the Switch version and it's not as bad as everyone is saying from my experience. I was able to play through the story mode without running into any glitches except a fun minor one. I had a lightning shield in Lava Reef Zone Act 1 and went Super Sonic to beat the boss. When I made it to the next level, Sonic was blue with no shield showing but he still had the abilities of the lightning shield. The double jump and the ring attract. This went away when I grabbed a fire shield.


The music doesn't seem that weird for Carnival Night Zone setting wise, but the Ice Cap and Launch Base ones seem kind of dumb. I feel like the new Ice Cap music would fit better in a Kirby game.


It might not be perfect or as good as Jam or Mega and Gems Collections but it's not bad enough to call the game trash.

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