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Joystick Dragon 32


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A few days ago a Dragon 32 arrived. It works correctly.
To enjoy your games, most of the time you need to play them with Joystick.
Where could I get some?
I know there are adapters to use Atari controllers (or other controllers) but the price, for now, I have found very high.
I'm new to the Dragon and I'm lost when it comes to peripherals.
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On 23/6/2022 at 16:25, MrDave said:

Son fáciles de hacer. Tengo un kit a la venta... pero puedes convertir la mayoría de los joysticks analógicos para que funcionen en dragon/coco... no es difícil.

Okay Dave.
I am interested in the one you have for sale and also some web link to try to do it myself.
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