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Fixing a Odyssey 2


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I have gotten a big lot of Odyssey stuff in including a console with the detachable controllers. The controllers only work part of the time including after cleaning them. I don’t have the skills to solder plus someone before I got it solder the board to other parts of the console. So, I can’t look at it. 

If someone would like to fix it. It would be greatly appreciated and I would pay for it and parts. I do have the cap kit for it to get recapped.


Please let me know. Thanks 

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What about getting a different controller and/or a controller adapter so that you can use Atari 2600 joysticks? That way, you'll be able to see if the problem is the O2 joysticks themselves or something more serious going on "under the hood" with the console. 


Recommendation for NES-style gamepad: https://retrogameboyz.com/products/odyssey-2-joystick-controller-gamepad-joypad-db9-style-plug-for-db9-ports-only


Recommendation for Atari 2600 joystick adapter: https://sadgirlsrecords.com/products/atari-2600-to-magnavox-odyssey-2-controller-adapter-converter


I have both products and can attest that both work perfectly and as intended!

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