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Expansion Module 1 no audio


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I've recently acquired an Expansion Module 1 for my CV. 

I only tried two Atari 2600 games at the moment (I have more in storage) but out of the two (Solar Fox and Reactor), they seem to work except two things.


First, the B/W switch seems to do nothing but I assume that is normal and that not all games supported B/W mode?  Don't really care about that one anyway.


But the audio doesn't seem to work at all.


Now, my CV does have a composite mod with audio out through the RCA jack as well.  My assumption is that something in that mod is preventing the 2600 audio from being passed through.

Audio works just fine with CV games.


So it's not the end of the world if this thing doesn't 100% work as I also have four other 2600's.   lol


But I am curious as to what's causing the audio to not work.


Any ideas?



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Did you figure out your Solar Fox issue?  For me Solar Fox did not work at all and I think it was the TV and not my setup.


I don't have an Atari 2600.  I have a CV with EM1 and I have an Intellivision with the System expander.  I have around 45 carts that all work fine except for Solar Fox.

I tried cleaning all contacts and using a VCR to boost the RF signal and Solar Fox still would not work.  I bought a 2nd copy of the game and still no go.


I then moved my setup from the basement to the living room and both copies work just fine.  It seems my basement TV can't handle it.


Another example closer to yours.  On this same basement TV for all my other Atari games without the VCR they show up on the screen but there is no audio.  The VCR between the TV and the CV gets it over the audio hump.


Looks like I need to get a new TV for the living room so I can move the one up there to the basement.

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