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Atari Jaguar GameDrive v1.12 (input issue)

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I recently bought a GameDrive and immediately updated to version 1.12, Menu v1.08, ASIC v1.08, Stub v1.05.

However there seems to be an issue with the C button input, on games like Flashback and Doom. Specifically, C is registering as B and Option. See the YouTube video below.

I have tried two different controllers, and the same thing happened to both, making me think it's a software issue.

Has anyone else encountered this? If you have a GameDrive, please can you test these two games are report back?

I suspect may need to downgrade the firmware if that's possible.

Other than this issue, the GameDrive is still awesome and despite this hiccup I am enjoying it loads.


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Thank you for your reassurance that it's not the GameDrive that's the problem.


Unfortunately I don't yet have any retail carts as I have only just got the console. It does have a 50hz / 60hz switch, so I wonder if the mod somehow upset the controller input? It's such a strange issue, and very annoying, because I am keen to enjoy the GameDrive, but can't.


Anyway, apologies for posting here if it's a console problem.

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It would be interesting regardless to hear the outcome! The 50/60hz mod shouldn’t affect it. There are a couple of buffer chips which deal with the controller input, it could be something related to those. I’ll need to look at the schematics in more detail to figure out what might be the cause.

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Ok, so we got it fixed! That's me and some remote help from a technician. The problem is the design of the Jaguar. If the RF metal shield is too close to the pins of certain components and can short them. In this case, the controller port somehow managed to touch the metal shield plate underneath. So I took it apart and put a piece of paper underneath the controller port, which stopped the interference. As I said, definitely nothing to do with the GameDrive or the controller. I am delighted that my Jaguar now works and I can enjoy the games. And all it took was a small piece of paper ?

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