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Hosting Emulators on AtariAge

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I was told recently that Javatari, which has been heavily used and linked to, doesn't support bB DPC+, which is supported by the Harmony cart sold on AtariAge that most in the 2600 homebrew scene use these days.


While Javatari is still a great resource for many and has hosted countless games, I wonder if AtariAge could host an emulator for the 2600, similar to the way that Internet Archive does for its Atari 2600 page at: https://archive.org/details/atari_2600_library


The advantage of this could be that the bin files (etc.) are already hosted by AtariAge, and the emulator, over time, could theoretically be swapped out for a newer emulator as-needed.


I wouldn't suggest this if I thought it'd just be more work with no payoff. I've just seen over time that when people rely on external things too heavily, it can be a recipe for disaster. Even dependencies on things that people felt were strong, like Java applets and Macromedia/Adobe Flash, eventually became problematic and stopped being supported by current web browsers.

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