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really wanted a punny title "summer of pun..." arrgh anyone for a bonus point?


I liked the set of games I picked (so modest), all good and HSC played before. Carlsson's suggestion Skateboard looks like it might be ok for a bonus too, seems to have multiple short levels from my quick load up. We'll run the round for all of July and perhaps add in another title or two, see how we go :!:


Here is a 1060 disk image with most of the games on (couldn't fit Skateboard):

HSC19 R10 Summer of Fun.atr



Grab the golf balls one at a time and take them home classic but very hard to reach later levels.





Great game but needs some practice! Play as both player 1 and player 2 (2nd joystick port), post score shown briefly at end of go but also high score on title screen (times welcome too). Play against a real opponent for bonus points :cool: Press fire on "Go" for boost start.

BMX Simulator




One of the best Q*Bert style games





Another one that needs some play as learners will fall off (a lot, and in the worse possible places...) and have to wait to get back on the track! Otherwise it's super fun time! Hints below.

Play the following sets of courses:

Race A 123

Race B 457

Race C 268

Race D 112 345 678 must be played in 1 session

Courses 1 & 5 are easiest; generally harder towards 8. Practice on course 0. [space = Pause] – use at end of go to get scores. Pull left at start to get a boost! Fire=jump, left=brake, right=accelerate. You need to be at the right speed for the obstacle you are on. Tip: The back wheel is all you need to worry about. Up=Wheelie (need this to land on some slopes). Press [Option] and use Keys [0-9] to set the courses.




Play 8BIT 1337's hack if possible (link below)

Play for most runs scored.

Ties settled by margin of victory.

Takes a while to play!




let's see how it plays and if you have low expectations from a 5.0  rating then see the next one!! Note: PAL ONLY.

Carlsson has the low down:

>>> this is a link to his post below<<<

>>>and so is this for the controls<<<

genius idea trbb to use blue for the text, DOH!





Always looking for a BASIC bonus games and this one from Atari User Mag (UK) somehow escaped me. Lookes like multiple screens and a 3.7 rating :evil: [emulator users enable basic; load game using LOAD"D:SKATECRA.BAS" ]




Everyone welcome to play any of the games - just post a score or ten :-D post if you need any help :cool:



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OK, I fired up my hack in Altirra this afternoon because I wanted to remind myself of the trivia wording (it's a bit awkward but I think I needed to use all of the space or something like that).


And because I was doing so well I kept going.  And ended up winning, 19-2.  I always play with HEAT - SLUGGER settings for both teams, as that's the most fun for me. 


Also yeah, I played this game a *lot* as a teenager, so it's probably my best game.



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6 hours ago, Deteacher said:

Need to work on my base stealing skills

The one person I know IRL that also had Atari also happened to like Star League Baseball, and when I told him you could steal bases against the computer he didn't believe me!  Of course I've shown him how it's done but we still talk about that LOL

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2 minutes ago, 8BIT 1337 said:

The one person I know IRL that also had Atari also happened to like Star League Baseball, and when I told him you could steal bases against the computer he didn't believe me!  Of course I've shown him how it's done but we still talk about that LOL

I think that's the key to racking up runs.  I've only been able to steal 2nd.  Not sure if you can steal 3rd/home.


I always thought that the computer "cheated" and would always mount a comeback, but your 19-2 rout disproved that theory.  :)

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BMX Simulator

Track 1: 24.8

Track 2: 40.9

Track 3: 35.30

Track 4: 35.5

Track 5: 14.8

Track 6: 44.6

Track 7: 45.0


I love this game, Ahhh but the collision detection...agony.  Why does it always restart the rider facing the wrong way? and why cant I knock other the rider off.


Note: Looks like flag and shadow at the start has no collision properties.


Any experts here who could disable the computer players colission detection... its horrible and totally unfair :-(... Grump.


Get ready to Shready ;-)  Tuck No Hander next.







30.34, 62.36, 85.00 (levels as loaded)


Sugeestion: perhaps a score could be offered as track order 0,0,0.  Make it feel like your getting somewhere, quickish. Just a  thought.





Only playing on the keyboard. The WICO is on another machine ?


Star League Baseball


Is it true baseball is better when drunk ?


Skate Crazy


Horrible ?




Probably never play again ?

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First set of scores:


Kik-Start: Race 123 = 118.50 seconds (didn't try the other combinations yet)

Preppie! - 4610 pts, level 4

Skateboard - 1630 pts, level 5

Skate Crazy - 2000 pts, level 3

Topper - 32785 pts, level D013


It took me quite a while to realize on Skateboard, you can move right, left, crouch down, lift up your skateboard or jump by pushing both up and fire at the same time. At first I had no clue how to escape the rocks or the arrows at mid height until I found out this. In general this resembles Moon Patrol but with a different setting. It almost immediately goes to the start screen so for us non-emulator users, it might be hard to fetch screenshots.


Skate Crazy: This resembles some type of Hunchback game, but at least with a bit of variation for each level. It took a while for me to figure out you load it using LOAD"D:SKATECRA.BAS" but once there it is rather straightforward. No top 10 game for sure but as a type-in, I've seen worse.






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Topper: 18,895  19,520


Couple issues I have with this game (on real NTSC hardware with various roms tried): 


1) when I try to type my name in the high score table the key mapping is all scrambled (e.g. I press the 'c' key and get something else).


2) that jumping enemy/bunny in the C level and later is totally unfair.  Sometimes he moves to the only path to clear the board not moving and waits for the timer to expire.   Worse yet he never moves from his initial spot no matter where I move again till the timer runs out.   Not always this happens but often!  Seems random but I seem to get it more often. 


Any one seeing these issues?



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Star League Baseball: Jays (me) won! 5-3 (Both teams set to Curves - Liners)



Preppie: 6,350



Topper: 15,765



Star League Baseball is an all-time favorite of mine. Good memories of playing this one with my dad when I was young. This updated version is very cool. Also, if anyone wants a SERIOUS challenge, set the computer team to "Heat - Sluggers" and yourself to "Curves - Liners" and try to win a game. ?

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First time I've played a game since I died back in April.

Brain function isn't what it used to be, but I'm here.

Couldn't resist a game of Preppie! As it's been a family fave for decades .

Level 6 



Two things I've learned today.

1-Mister FPGA is so good. Lag is unnoticed compared to retropi 

2-pixel 6 phone can't take a decent photo of a plasma screen  ?

Topper 3235, never been any good at these Q*Bert style games 




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Skateboard - 4360 pts, level 8


This game really grows on me! Too bad it is relatively random, meaning sometimes you get hopeless tracks and sometimes you get ones that are a walk in the park. For those curious, the level structure is as follows:


Level 1: Only small potholes to either rise the skateboard over or jump. I believe a jump takes a bit longer time.

Level 2: Potholes, stones and sudden arrows that may appear at any height and while you're in the middle of a jump. This level is the one I tend to lose lives on.

Level 3: Potholes, water filled holes, stones and ramps. You can't ride onto a ramp, you must jump over it. However this level has no arrows, so if you concentrate it should be solvable without losing lives.

Level 4: Like level 1, but faster speed. Keep rising the skateboard over each pothole for 50 seconds or so and you're home.

Level 5: Like level 2+4 combined. The arrows are back, at faster speed. If you have any lives left, this is where you usually lose them.

Level 6: No arrows, just the other obstacles. I cleared it on my first attempt.

Level 7: More of the same as in level 6. No major challenge.

Level 8: Arrows and everything else. This was my bane, and if you reached this far it is likely you're on your last life anyway.


Too bad the game doesn't have a pause key so I could grab a screenshot of my score.

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