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How to print to Tandy 1000 TX LPT2


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I have a Tandy 1000 TX and want to print to a dot matrix parallel printer.  I do not have the special cable for the card edge printer port that came with the TX.


I have installed an 8 bit ISA parallel card into an empty expansion slot in the TX. The card is set to port 278, IRQ7 and dip switch SW4 on the Tandy mother board is switched off.  I have attached a dot matrix printer to the ISA parallel card.


When I boot the the computer to DOS 3.2, the dot matrix head positions itself. At the command prompt I can type "Dir /w > LPT2" and the directory (wide format) will be printed on the printer. LIkewise, I can send text files to the printer from DOS.


This is fine but, I have applications that I want to print from and they don't support LPT2. I read in some old Tandy documentation that there was once a TSR program that could redirect output bound for LPT1 to LPT2. I have searched but so far am not finding that program.


Is anyone aware of where I might find that program or of another way to enable printing to LPT2 without having to shell to DOS?


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