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Copy CP/M Boot Disk to FloppyEmu


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Today I received my FloppyEmu from BMOW. It's fantastic to use. I save my original software disks to an .woz file. No problem. I have only failed

to save my CP/M Boot Disk to an .woz file. Does anybody has an idea how to copy it?





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Forget the .woz format. It's redundant for non-copy protected disk files anyway.  If you are making disk images of copy protected originals then you need to use .woz.  If you're not dealing with copy protected images then stick to the tried and true .dsk images.

Besides, I've recently come across a number of .woz images that are simply converted, non-copy protected .dsk images.  What's the use in that?


The legacy .dsk images (and .DO and .PO images) work equally well, are more abundant, and take up less space.


All the CP/M disk files are .dsk images.

You can find hundreds of CP/M disk images here:




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I copied an CP/M boot floppy to an digital file in my Floppy Emu. It's not possible to boot from the FloppyEmu. When I copy the digital floppy to

an regular floppy, the copy boots properly. Does anybody has an idea how to boot cp/m from Floppy Emu?



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Which Apple II computer are you using? If it's a IIc or a IIc+ check out this video:



It's for a game called Nox Archaist but it tells you how to boot the FloppyEMU on either a IIc or IIc+. I've got a IIc+ and am using the FloppyEMU with it and thuroughly enjoying it. It's really nice to be able to urn programs on the IIc+ without having to use the disk drive.

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I have the Internat/External Drive Switcher built in. When I use the correct switch positions I can boot directly from the floppy emu.

The CP/M systems boots directly from my digital copy. Perfect. I really love this machine.



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