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Preview: gdbjag - Source-level 68k and GPU/DSP debugging

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On 7/24/2022 at 11:40 PM, cubanismo said:

I've posted my patches to enable source-level debugging support in RMAC and RLN:




For those following along here, these have now been merged.


RMAC version 2.2.5 and above (I recommend version 2.2.7 and above to pick up commit a095d8edf09f2b) and RLN version 1.7.3 and above (I recommend version 1.7.4 and above to pick up commit 8e049701be) contain everything necessary for source-level debugging. You can grab them here: http://rmac.is-slick.com/download/download/

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1 hour ago, SCPCD said:

I see in the jaguar-sdk that bin/linux/gdbjag uses m68k-coff-gdb.

Is it available in .exe form somewhere for windows ?

For a coff version, this may be useful to you but you need to have cygwin installed.



It is better to use the jaguar-sdk in an Linux env. WSL2 runs pretty well too.

I have tried to generate a jaguar-sdk on Windows but it breaks in the gcc compilation parts.

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