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Video Game Esoterica's Thread or rare, exotic and weird gaming videos and stuff and things lol

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10 hours ago, awbacon said:


the best

Another excellent video as usual VGE. Great game King of Fighters UM is. I made sure to have this for the Playstation 2. Cost a little more, but worth owning no doubt. Also, thank you for sharing this on the Neo-Geo thread as well. We really enjoyed it for sure bro. ;-)



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9 hours ago, awbacon said:


Thank you for sharing your fantastic Samurai Showdown Sen upload on The Official NEO-GEO Thread as well VGE. I stopped by YouTube and commented on the video to show my forever support to your channel and to your thread here for what you do for the community bro. Thank you as always my good man. Keep up the great work you provide for the community and on the AtariAge forums kind sir. :thumbsup: :)



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