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Video Game Esoterica's Thread or rare, exotic and weird gaming videos and stuff and things lol

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6 hours ago, awbacon said:

Yes just not live yet / not taking orders 

Do you have it in any video on it?
Pretty sure I expanded the description of each but I may have missed it.

At any rate you say you will buy it and review it, I hope it’s not gonna get sold out too quickly, as I wanna see what you have to say.

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Seeing a Kart Racer with FromSoft's brand of Morose aesthetic is something that you don't see often. Speaking of free games, I would love to see you cover Ashes: 2063, Dead Man Walking, Afterglow, and Hard Reset. And its creator, Vostyok (Boctёk), happens to be a member of the Madness Community.

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18 hours ago, SlidellMan said:

It's still baffling that Survival Arts got greenlit for release but not Ken-Ju. Oh, and I posted your video of the AGA Castlevania port in the Amiga forum if you want to look.

KenJu being cancelled makes ZERO sense 

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