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Atari 1040 STF Video with Retrotink 5x Pro?

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Hi! Was wondering if the following is a feasible plan. I have a Retrotink 5x Pro with the additional SCART input. Would it be possible to connect my 1040 STF (NTSC) to the Retrotink via a cable with a 13-pin connector on one end and a SCART connector on the other? Not sure if that animal exists, but I think I saw one for sale...Wasn't sure if there was a 13-pin to composite or 13-pin to rgb cable or not, but thought to possible go that route as well. 


I'm trying to verify that the Retrotink will know what to do with the signal right now. Hopefully it's smooth sailing from there as the Retrotink's output is HDMI. 


A second question would be would the audio be carried via the cable? I have the hi-res monochrome monitor which works fine, but wanted to try a color solution. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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I have no idea about the RetroTink models or what signals they'll sync up with, but I do know that you can make or buy ST to SCART cables for use with the color modes. Cool Novelties makes an excellent cable for this and the last time I checked, they have their own web site, as well as an ebay presence. Most of these cables will work with the color modes only though. There was a thread here on AA a year or so ago about a user that made up their own cable to work with monochrome as well, and he was successful, but I've never tried to repeat their success.


One thing to keep in mind is that the STF models are missing some important video circuitry, mainly composite sync, if I'm not mistaken, that will keep them from working with SCART. Luckily, the components were still silk screened onto the motherboard and the traces are there, so it's pretty easy to add them for less than $10 in parts and about fifteen minutes with a soldering iron.


I can try to find some links later tonight if you think you'd be interested.


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