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Not sure if allowed here, but need technical help (PC shuts down on MHR and FFXIV)


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My roommate is having some major problems with both Monster Hunter Rise and FFXIV specifically crashing his computer and shutting it off without warning at random times. We've replaced the power supply (from 700 to 800w) and redid the thermal paste on the CPU cooling system, and it's still doing it. It's only happening, at totally random intervals, with these two games in specific, but he's afraid that the problem could spread to other games, as well. Does anyone know what's causing this, and if so, what can we do to fix the issue?

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Thats hardware problem most likely. Check event viewer and update the motherboards BIOS as well as all drivers, follow a bunch of this too:




Check out this guy, he knows what he's talking about:


Sometimes it could be the motherboard is not seated properly, if he built it he needs to double check everything. 

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