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Cadillac and Dinosaurs for Atari STE

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Sometime ago, dreaming with huge sprites arcade experience for the STE...


something was triggered, use 16 colours and 2 VBL to maximize the blitter time availability
to draw many giant sprites...



But 16 colours appears to be too little,


Until Atari Game Tools come to the rescue:






Only 16 colours...  hahaha


There are no other graphic software suite capable of create 4 bit palettes like DML software


Really you get a little scared of how much it looks like original arcade sprites.
Technically it's possible to achieve a very good looking beat 'em up with 16 colours in the gameplay area.



The thread will be updated with the incoming results,



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So, Douglas Little still works on SW (tools) for Atari STE . In this he actually uses something what used in Hi-color displaying (Photochrome) - 2 alternating screens (what is usual), but with different color palette, so player/watcher will see mix of 2 colors - well when it is alternated at every VBL .  

Finally we will see games really using full capabilities of STE . Well, some where pretty close to it. Most not even on that planet (just ignoring STE) .

Btw. where's the Cadillac ? I see only some Harley ?

Can't wait to see dinos eating Cadillacs in 32 colors. Nice project Masteries .

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