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Lynx High Score Club 2022 II: Round 1 - Shanghai and AG Biathlon

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I thought I had something going on mahjong then ran out of moves earlier.


Then friend showed up and got exiled from my Lynx. I literally bought a new AC adapter with a longer power cord so they could sit more comfortably where they want to play mahjong. 

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Absolutely useless at shanghai (Not sure I’ve ever completed a table?!)


 slightly better at biathlon. There’s definitely a way to get a faster time with the shooting Except I always miss one or two doing it so end up with a slower time overall… my hand is cramping so I’m quitting with this score!!





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I’m pretty much out of time, so here’s another participation score:


114 - 11:11



So… I have to ask again. Is everybody selecting “Select new game” after they lose and then starting a new board with new tile arrangement, or are they selecting “Restart same game” with the same tile arrangement? If we’re allowing “Restart same game”, that’s not really fair, since it is possible to memorize the layout and optimize the algorithm.


Also, are we allowing hints?

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You are supposed to "Select new game" rather than "Restart Same Game" which gives you an unfair advantage.  Sorry i'll mention that every-time we play Shanghai going forward, I don't think any of the top players used this as you could then find a map you could clear and do it over again faster.  @jeremiahjt need a picture to confirm your record setting and round winning score.  I couldn't come close; tough map to clear! 


Nice round guys/gals, any suggestions for next rounds homebrew?  Will get the next round up ASAP. 



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