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Colecovision HSC Season 15 - Round 16 - Track & Field

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Season 15 Round 16

image.jpeg.7fcc28bb1cb9605a24c82d3c6168ff08.jpegTrack & Field for Colecovision Box Artimage.png.885a943494acac809f9beb4f2c4f71bf.png

Game Information

Game Name: Track & Field

Released by: Arcade: Konami 1983. CV: Eduardo Mello/Team Pixelboy 2010.

Settings: One Player

CV HSC High Score: First time playing Track & Field for the CV HSC.

Manual: The manual can be found at cvaddict.com 


Track & Field Bonus Points: Play the game & post a score= +3

Score 3,000= +2, Score 8,000= +3, Score 15,000= +4, Score 30,000= +5, Score 60,000= +7, 

Score 90,000= +10, Score 120,000 & up= +12                                                          

Break or set a new CV HSC High Score= +10


Round Ends: Sunday July 24th at 8pm (PST) 11pm (EST)


Everyone who posts a score throughout the season will be entered into a drawing at seasons end for a special prize!


The same rules and scoring system that have been used the past few seasons will be in play this season as well. Season 15 rules: http://atariage.com/...1-cv-hsc-rules/



Good Luck!

Final Track & Field Scores

  1)267,820 Ikrananka +3 +12 +10 Record Setter :-o :-o

  2)158,730 testa +3 +12 :-o

  3)146,600 Northcoastgamer +3 +12 

  4)  50,520 Krytol +3 +5

  5)  19,320 DuggerVideoGames +3 +4

  6)  13,080 Colecovision +3 +3

  7)    8,580 fakecortex +3 +3 

  8)   3,040 JEFF31 +3 +2


Round 16 Totals - Including Bonus Points

1){125} Ikrananka

2) {75}  testa

3) {70}  Northcoastgamer

4) {27}  Krytol

5) {14}  DuggerVideoGames

6) {11}  Colecovision

7)  {9}   fakecortex

8)   {8}   JEFF31


Season Standings - After 16  Rounds

  1)1390 DuggerVideoGames

  2)1020 Ikrananka

  3)  867 Northcoastgamer

  4)  567 Colecovision

  5)  521 jblenkle

  6)  519 ed1475

  7)  471 zaphro72

  8)   397 JEFF31 

  9)  324 fakecortex

10)  228 testa

11)  184 chuckwalla

12)  153 Krytol

13)  105 Serguei2

14)    98 patbb

15)    80 mark griff

16)    75 xdurable

17)    47 OriginalJohn

18)    27 timepilot

19)    16 roadrunner

20)     8  jetset



track-field-2010 (1).rom

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Final Score Update
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49,620. Couldn't quite crack the 12:00 qualifying mark in the 100m Dash in the 2nd round. My best so far has been 12:05. That was achieved with the Track & Field controller. I've had an 8m 05 for the long jump. The optimal angle it seems for that is around 45 degrees. The hammer throw isn't too difficult, I've had a 95m25. Toss after 6 spins then get the angle to 41 degrees for the best result it seems. I might try a Slik Stik joystick just for the 100m Dash then switch to the T&F controller for the other events. 




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97,300. Used a joystick for this score. Had a 10:75 in the 100m Dash and an 8m61 in the Long Jump. For the 3rd round 11:00 is the qualifying time for the 100m Dash. My arm was toast by then and couldn't crack 11:00. Need to work on stamina, just like the 2600 version.




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146,600. Ran a 9:62 100m Dash and had a 9m17 for the Long Jump. The qualifying time for the 400m in the 3rd round is 40:00, gonna be tuff, by then the arm is toast. I've been using a stock Coleco controller for the 100m Dash and the Long Jump, then switch to the T&F controller for the Hammer Throw and 400m run, then back etc. etc.. Trying to see if the game continues after the 3rd round.





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Tried this on my emulator and could not come close to the time needed to advance... 


So I tried the supplied rom on my phoenix and the game locks up after 1 or 2 seconds of the races start.


I DO like this game and could set up my coleco and dig out the cart... etc etc etc...  - maybe I will


But for now I tried - score 0




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The Hammer Throw is probably the easiest event. Count to six revolutions, time your release and slightly hold the button ever so briefly before releasing so the angle is 41--42 degrees. My best so far is 96m09. To qualify for the 3rd round its 95m. It's just timing and practice.

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26 minutes ago, Ikrananka said:

Finally gave up on the 2600 T&F controller and used my Edladdin Super Arcade Controller.  What a difference that makes!!  Although I still suck at the hammer throw and only had one successful throw out of three.  Need more practice.





Most excellent!

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