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Wabbit Remastered


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Here's something I've not done before...  I disassembled the Apollo game 'Wabbit' intending to do one of my 8-bit ports, but instead I ended up doing a 2600 hack of the original game.  It had some issues that displeased me, like the nasty black HMOVE bars, and the wiggly carrots, and some annoying sounds...


So I fixed all that, and made it look like Activision made it, LOL.  It looks much better, I also added a sky gradient, and a subtly pulsing sun, and overall color changes and improvements.  This is not a sprite-change hack, I hardly touched them.  This was a major programming effort, haha!!


I think it almost looks like an 8-bit game on the 2600 now, but I'll let others be the judge.  I may release source code, but I'm still commenting it more, and possibly adding more, there is a little bit of room left in there...


Wabbit (1982 Apollo) [Glurk Remaster].bin






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6 hours ago, LatchKeyKid said:

Is the character using multiple player (and more?) sprites to get all those colors?

It is, it uses the two (scanline-multicolor) players overlaid to get that effect.  It's really done very cleverly, IMO the best looking game from Apollo.


There is a neat story about the woman who programmed the game at this link:




Overall, this game was programmed very cleanly!  I had to hack it up to add "early HMOVEs" to get rid of the ugly black bars, and that was a lot of work!!  I suppose it could have been programmed like that back then, but the "early HMOVE" programming trick was unknown back then I think....


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This does look very good!! 

Curious though, and I haven’t played your version yet, but with the original there was an issue with the rabbits disappearing.


Ive added a video to show what I mean, what caused it would cool to find out.




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That's almost like abusing the game, LOL.  I'm not sure it's meant to be played like that...  In any case, I suppose my version has the same bug/behavior.  I didn't know about that issue, so made no attempt to fix it.  I'll probably release the source later, when I get done polishing it up, it's rather incompletely labeled.


EDIT: I think I've found and fixed the issue.  New upload in first post.  Please test, as I'm a sucky gamer...  I think it's fixed (?!)

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