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Adventures of the Stalk of Celery (Channel F)


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No... the hovering looked odd, this is better, a sliding kind of motion. 


I like the collision detection, it's very forgiving - just enough.

Looks like the fish moves sideways above the surface of the water when changing to a start position close to the end position. 

Speed at 20 is very doable, didn't have the stamina to play longer. 


Maybe more fish?

Maybe fish could have gravity where you move one pixel at the top and increase jumps at the lower part.

What if fish moved past the screen bottom instead of disappearing and reappearing above the water surface (masking it on it's way down through the water is perhaps too much work - as well as a splash effect). 
If standing still too long a fish could go straight for him - or maybe he could loose the grip. 




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