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Ubuntu based system + steam game is possible ?


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I have a question to all friends that can help.


I like some games that are in steam, but vcs store dont offer this games.


So I think if is possible to I install ubuntu on one usb and boot It in pcmode, then install  the steam app of ubuntu and then buy and Install a game on the ubuntu usb.

I figure that I need to make a USB persistent to use, so I will try to make the usb persistent when create the live usb.


Anyone think if the usb is capable to play the game and if the controller of Atari is detected by ubuntu and steam app ?


The game that I like, if I can, play is → https://store.steampowered.com/app/282070/This_War_of_Mine/


I cant figure what ammount of space in disk (USB) the game needs but I have one USB with 32 GB then I have external disks but I prefer the USB because of power usage.


→ So is possible or is a completely bad idea ?


In other way anyone knows if Atari one day can offer some games of steam or gog in the Atari store ?




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Of course it's possible, the VCS is just a PC, nothing more.  It just comes with a customised Linux as standard. 'pcmode' doesn't really exist, it's just rebooting another x86 OS.

Mine boots right into Linux Mint which is based on Ubuntu and I can run games I downloaded from AtariOS (they run direct off the storage partition), from GOG and Steam.  No problem.
I put a m.2 drive in mine instead of booting off USB.


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Don't know how this question flew under the radar, but yeah, this is really straightforward to do.  


I don't know if Ubuntu/Steam supports the Atari controllers, I've been using an DS4 on mine, and it works.    I think the modern controller is Xbox-compatible so it should work, not sure about the classic.   As long as it is detected by the OS, many games will allow you to map the controls as necessary,

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