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Revisiting the Original TI-99 Joysticks


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During a recent Zoom TI-99ers Meeting, I asked if anyone had ever modified the TI-Joysticks to make them work better?  As far as we knew, it hadn’t been done.  The "normal" process would be to design a replacement circuit board and have them made.  Of course, I took a different route… ?


This is a modification to replace the internal parts of the joystick with tactile switches.  This has revived my old joysticks, and now I really enjoy using them! 


BTW, It is completely reversible in that it does not damage the existing components.  With that said:

Disclaimer:  Do this at your own risk.  This project WON’T damage your existing joysticks unless you are careless.  I freely provide this project to the TI community and welcome comments and improvements.




The attached zipped file has complete instructions.  It does require access to a good 3-D printer and a few other materials. Some soldering skills are necessary.


David G, Prattville, AL

Revisiting the TI99 Joysticks.zip

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With my setup, no modifcation was needed for the joystick whatsoever. I was still able to use the original foam ring as the height of the micro-switches was perfect. Just needed to glue the little IC boards to make sure that the switch buttons would align with the outside edge of the joystick. Easy peasy. What is nice is that it feels exactly the same as the original joystick. Very happy with the results and the way they respond when playing Parsec or TI-Runner. 


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The micro switches were meant for a surface mounted board, but I was able to use them on the regular through pinhole board as the hole spacing worked out. It was a bit tricky to solder, but doable with regular soldering tools. The next time I will try to get some though hole micro switches which will make the soldering that much easier. 

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