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Game ports from ST to Amiga or versus, done by enthusiasts

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I got in last months some requests to port Amiga version of some later, known game to Atari ST. With usual text 'is it possible' - yeah, that's very useful and answer is obvious - of course it is possible.   Although, my impression was (and I must be very bad one thinking it) that real question was 'for free' .  To add that it is really bad way to motivate someone to do something - even in case of 'hdd conversion' .

Of course, such conversions were not really possible in years when copyright was active. If someone would publish such conversion, done without permission that would be theft, piracy, regardless from asking money or not for it.

And I know only one:  OIDS - some French guy ported it for Amiga, somewhere around 2010.  I e-mailed him some years later (when I read somewhere about that port), wanted just to ask some details. He was very arrogant, talked about how Devpac is stupid, that need to use some modern ASM with modern computer, blah, blah ... Totally uncalled for it. Anyway, it appears that OIDS, Amiga private conversion - and in this case that word is even good for it:  runs in big part via Atari ST emulator for Amiga .
And when OIDS is subject:  some people work on it's Atari Jaguar port. Contacted even Dan Hewitt about sources, but they are one some tapes, and damaged.


So, anyone know about commercial game (from period 1985-1995 roughly) for Atari ST or Amiga, what was ported to other platform from this 2, and was done as private task, without permission, not for selling it, and of course most likely without source files - well, maybe in later times they don't care about giving them to interested people - surely will not lower sales ?

This 2 computers are similar, same CPU helps a lot in process, so should be easier than port from lets say Archimedes.

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