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Piece of e-waste from Woz' garage prepping to sell for millions!


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On 7/22/2022 at 4:09 PM, youxia said:

"computer that started it all"

Hmmm. Citation needed, I guess.

I guess. I mean I don't think the Apple II shot the rocket in the business world like Tandy did with the Model 1. Tandy floundered because their marketing got weird and the machines got stuck in the 68000 world.


Besides, their uncontrollable urge to sell cellphone cases and batteries finally put a stop to the strangeness. Thank god!

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In 2022 Achim Baqué again received indications that the prototype(s) still exists. But as soon as you get closer to the matter, you face a wall of silence. Probably more will come to light at some point.


When something believed to have been lost or destroyed suddenly appears on the market for an extremely high price, I tend to be suspicious. 


I would want rather more authentication (and much more detail about the provenance) before I made a significant bid on this board (or any other piece of "vintage" hardware). 

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