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Is there a story behind the two different cartridges that I have?

One is titled BLACKJACK! - AJ9401

The other is titled LAS VEGAS BLACKJACK - AC9401


I can't find any references to the AC9401 game number online.

If it's a rarer-than-rare holy grail, don't get too excited as it's in rough shape. :)


Other than the part number, the only other notable difference is that the AC9401 unit has CM Assembled in Mexico as the third line of fine print on the label where the AJ one has only two lines of fine print.


Just curious. I'm guessing there may be extreme variant collectors for O2 like there are for Atari 2600 who will be able to tell me the story. 


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Very curious.  Blackjack is strange already because (as far as I know) the box always said "Las Vegas Blackjack!" when the cart said "Blackjack!"  Is it possible that this is the cart to the Canadian version, "Blackjack Style Las Vegas!"?


If you have a moment, I'd be interested in seeing a photo of your ultra-rare cartridge.

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I wonder if there are any must-collect-every-variant maniacs like there are for the 2600. I'd give this one up pretty cheap as the back side of the cartridge is cracked and the plastic in the cracked area displaced, like maybe it got stepped on at some point. I suppose I should test it.

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All same game.  Notice the AJ9401 is produced by Magnavox and the  AC9401 versions are produced by North American Philips for the US market.

Somebody correct me if I am wrong but I believe NAP wanted to bring the Videopac game system to the US and so they used Magnavox to introduce it with a new name, the Odyssey 2.  This played off the earlier Odyssey name and Magnavox was a well known US brand name.  Later Philips began producing the games themselves to be sold in the US market.


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