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Sega Master System HSC - 2022 Summer Round 4 - Space Harrier


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Okay, I'm a little rusty on this one but, here's my high score (NO Continues):




And this is my high score (WITH Continues):




I'm using my original Sega Master System with my original Space Harrier cart on a RCA 32" CRT. (for what it's worth).

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I played one more game of Space Harrier, I was rocking and rolling, made it to the boss of level 3 with all my lives... then lost them all in about 20 seconds. Argh.


On the plus side, I squeezed in a game of After Burner.  It's been ages since I've played the Master System version. Fond memories, but I've completely forgotten how to play.  I thik I used to be pretty good at it when it (along w/ Hang On/Safari Hunt) was the only cart I owned.


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19 hours ago, BydoEmpire said:

It wasn't mentioned but that's fine, I have no objection to controllers with turbo.

Ah, okay. I thought I saw it in the old rules thread, but I guess not.

Edit: I think I might be thinking of one of the NES threads.

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