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Enable tables in editor?

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You can kind of do this already if you know your way around with HTML or have some editor. Create a layout with desired number of columns and rows, load it into a browser. Copy the contents and paste into the forum editor. Then you can fill in content into the cells, though not change the number.


Sure, proper table generation would be handy if the software supports it.

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Points taken, and I did give that a shot before posting the request.  You hit the nail on the head with the main reason that it was requested: the inability to add and/or remove rows once they're pasted in, as well as a lack of control over width, colour, etc.


I can live without the dividing lines if the data is formatted in a way that's able to be followed, but this is what happens on (most) rich text cut-and-pastes:


Data about the planets of our solar system (Planetary facts taken from Nasa's Planetary Fact Sheet - Metric).
  Name Mass (1024kg) Diameter (km) Density (kg/m3) Gravity (m/s2) Length of day (hours) Distance from Sun (106km) Mean temperature (°C) Number of moons Notes
Terrestrial planets Mercury 0.330 4,879 5427 3.7 4222.6 57.9 167 0 Closest to the Sun
Venus 4.87 12,104 5243 8.9 2802.0 108.2 464 0  
Earth 5.97 12,756 5514 9.8 24.0 149.6 15 1 Our world
Mars 0.642 6,792 3933 3.7 24.7 227.9 -65 2 The red planet
Jovian planets Gas giants Jupiter 1898 142,984 1326 23.1 9.9 778.6 -110 67 The largest planet
Saturn 568 120,536 687 9.0 10.7 1433.5 -140 62  
Ice giants Uranus 86.8 51,118 1271 8.7 17.2 2872.5 -195 27  
Neptune 102 49,528 1638 11.0 16.1 4495.1 -200 14  
Dwarf planets Pluto 0.0146 2,370 2095 0.7 153.3 5906.4 -225 5

Declassified as a planet in 2006, but this remains controversial.

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