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The Hobbit Hint Guide

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Does anyone have the hint guide for The Hobbit that they could scan in? If I recall correctly, it was a small guide consisting of a few copied pages that you could send off for. All of the hints were encoded so you had to do an alphabet substitution to read the hint. I ran across an old program that I wrote that decoded the hints as you typed so I wanted to play around with it. My interest has nothing to do with the actual hints, but rather the fun of decoding them. The Crimson Crown had a very similar hint guide that I did locate online, but I haven't been able to find the one for The Hobbit. Below are the 1st 2 pages of The Crimson Crown hint guide as an example:


Crimson Crown hints - Cover_Page_1.jpg

Crimson Crown hints - Odd Pages_Page_1.jpg

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A little more information:


Apparently, there were a number of adventure games that had similar hint guides. I'm thinking this may have been an individual who ran an ad in the Questbusters newsletter. I'm not sure why the various guides used different alphabetic keys though. Since a lot of these games were ported to different systems, I assume that the hint guides were not platform specific.


In that case, this topic should probably belong in the Classic Computing section. If a mod could move this topic, I'd appreciate it.

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