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If you are like me and are frequently confused/bewildered by one particular poster's posts, i suggest applying the Confused emoji to that poster's posts.

1) Hover over the Heart emoji, located at the bottom right of the post, and then other emojis will appear nearby.  One of those emoji's is the Confused emoji.

2) Click on the Confused emoji.


To view the poster's reputation (number of each emoji applied by others):

1) From any post by poster:

2) Click on the poster's name (upper left hand corner of post)

3) Click on Reputation (right hand side, bit down from top, within the <username> Achievements pane).

4) View Reactions Received (left hand side, about halfway down).



The poster i'm thinking of uses 50% technical speak that seems applicable to post subject, and 50% technical jargon that does not seem applicable to post subject.  I've wondered if the posts are:

a) a test of artificial intelligence to write posts

b) a means of encrypted communication between the poster and someone else, which has nothing to do with Atari Jaguar programming

c) some sort of extended, bizzare joke





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