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The gaming advertising thread

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This topic deeply resonates with me.  I have 3 large binders packed with video game flyers.  I especially try to get any Atari/Kee ones I haven't seen before.  Probably my prize among them is a 2-in-1 cabinet flyer that took years to finally surface on eBay.


Anywho, a couple of items that were extremely interesting are a couple of video game promotional flexi discs.  These are the only two I am aware of:





If they had only done these for Ballblazer or Marble Madness, I fear to think of the extents I would have gone through to get one

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Getting into the NES era, from around 1990, we have Phantom Fighter.  I remember seeing this in the back of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trade paperback.


This game looked fun...and it was fun.  It was based on the Mr. Vampire movies from Hong Kong, which were unknown in the USA at the time and still largely unknown today except by horror fans and Hong Kong movie enthusiasts.


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Shame NEC USA was so utterly incompetent.  They had the better hardware over both the NES (which is why it topped and knocked off famicom for years) and definitely the Genesis which is sad given it was a little older.  Yet they made this ugly ass system on the outside, doubled down with some very bland looking packaging and earlier ads on games, then went for the trifecta of suicide behavior keeping largely the B+ and A tier games out of the US leaving them in Japan... WHY?!  Not that many even needed a translation or minimal for menus, that's about it.  DUMB. :(

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I was talking with some on Facebook about the Atari XE Game System and it reminded me of this ad comparing to the Nintendo Entertainment System.




On paper, the Atari XE sounds like the better system.  But the aging late 1970s technology that was the XE was no match for the superior NES and its games like Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, the Legend of Zelda, Punch-Out, Mega Man, Castlevania, Metroid and so on.


Still, I give the commercial points.

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