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PS2 Dual Shock to 5200 Adaptor


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About a year back, I bought the PCB's and components to make two of Dr. Scott Baker's PS2 to 5200 controller adaptors for using both PS2 analog sticks on Space Dungeon and Robotron 2084. Being wowed by the experience of playing these games with the PS2 Dual Shock controller, I took little time to check out full functionality. My friend who I made the second adaptor for just recently noticed that none of the number pad buttons register inputs in either game on his two port 5200 console. I then tried it on my own two port console, and sure enough, none of the number buttons, * or # buttons, register inputs to these games.


I have tested both adaptor assemblies with my multimeter and register continuity on all twelve number pad buttons when they are depressed, so the components are, in fact, good.


Has anyone seen similar behavior from their SM Baker controller adaptor, or have any idea about what is possibly causing this issue?

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