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Amiga 500: Cartoon Classics or Batman ?


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Which package do you prefer?
Cartoon or Batman.


I’m pretty sure Batman sold more, and it’s the most common package in the UK, but I prefer the Cartoon Classics, you can’t go wrong with Lemmings and Simpsons. Also I think Cartoon Classics was 500+ and Batman a regular 500.


Here is a complete and in good condition Cartoon Classics auction going on:


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Think the Cartoon Classics was initially the A500, then the A500+ was quietly launched with the same games (all three did work on the 500+ - this might sound obvious, but remember that Commodore included Deluxe Paint 3 with the Amiga 600 despite the 600's missing keypad meaning that a whole set of DPaint features couldn't be used....)


On topic, Cartoon Classics was the better of the two, but the Wild, Weird and Wicked (F1GP, Putty and Pushover) and Flight of Fantasy (Rainbow Islands, F29 Retailator and Escape From the Planet of the Robot Monsters) are probably better sets of games. Screen Gems was the worst by some distance (Shadow of the Beast 2 at least LOOKS good, but those film licenses were as bad as most film licenses are), the EPIC pack was also a misstep.

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