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5200 OE HSC Challenge 08/2022 QIX


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Get yer QIX this month in the OE, play on setting of Skilled, using real 5200 systems and Atari MFG controls. -1 hsc pt for use of period analog sticks, such as the Wico. Only modern exceptions are flashcarts/SD loaders, running original Roms. Pics preferred, but not required, except for HSC wins and records. Round ends when month does.


Current HSC record- bust it for a bonus point!

Qix - (Skilled)
darthkur 477,241



Final scores-


113,526  RangerG +11

79,949  DamonicFury -1+10=9

76,098  zylon +9

70,551  rubeon +8

42,576  jeremiahjt +7



Current standings- 


DamonicFury - 78

rubeon - 72

jeremiahjt - 43

zylon - 41

jetset - 40

RangerG - 40

mark griff - 35


Cafeman - 9


jerry32 - 6


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RangerG bags the win this month, in a convincing manner, with an otherwise tight field. 😎 Another thanks to all who played, and keep this going. I'll get this month up in moments.



Final scores-


113,526  RangerG +11

79,949  DamonicFury -1+10=9

76,098  zylon +9

70,551  rubeon +8

42,576  jeremiahjt +7

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On 9/3/2022 at 5:14 PM, RangerG said:

I have played in this club for many years and never won a round, until now! I got close before, also playing Qix, but I'm usually near or at the bottom. This was a fun win for me.

All of us are playing another game at same time, Life. It's all a matter of things lining up to be able to play sometimes. Keep playing, as the only certainty is you won't win, if you don't play. :) You've hung in there long enough, enjoy the month. 

I usually only play once a month, shooting for the top 5. I'm going to have to straighten out "down" on my stick, after this one, lol

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