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Where to go to get S-video mod for my 7800


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Sorry about the name. Where can I get my 7800 S-video modded? I'm no hardware guy. Just a mega atari fan, as is my friend Anthony, who wants an atari. They even have the Nintendo switch and Xbox, but when I went to visit them and show them the atari 7800, they were coming down to the TV and enjoyed games like Pong, Combat, centipede (7800), commando (7800), and even THE MOUNTAIN KING.


Now, I'm very fortunate to have a 2007 TV that accepts RF and deals with it quite well. And my friend Anthony has a TV that is a little younger but is still as good, if not better because it has smoothing so games like Zippy that have bad frame-rate in some areas look a lot better.


Where can I get an S-video mod for my 7800? Thanks for the info!

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