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Is anyone making a cartridge port pin breakout PCB for the 5200?


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As per the subject: is anyone aware of a PCB that acts as a breakout board for the cartridge port pins on a 5200?  This is a case where it would definitely be preferable to use something designed for the purpose as opposed to hacking up an existing cart.  I've looked everywhere I can reasonably think of, and don't seem to be having any luck turning one up.

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1 hour ago, john_q_atari said:

A quick google search turned up this. Is this what you are looking for? https://www.ebay.com/itm/125104450697

Unfortunately, no.  There are a few variants of that one out there, but what I'm looking for is more akin to something like this:




Don't care if it has a female port on the end or not - in fact, being able to solder on my own pin headers in place of the cartridge port would be just fine.  All I really need is a way for the pins be easily accessible by external hardware.

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