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Season 16 Primer--What would you like to play?

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Hello All,


Season 16 is going to be a short, fast, fun season and will last until the end of 2022.  What would everyone like to play? 


Lets keep it to games that are easy to pick up and play, easy to score, and fun.  We are going to run 2 games per round, probably one homebrew and one retail release, and round will likely be 2-3 weeks. 


Look forward to your input.   If anyone is chomping at the bit to host, please let me know, otherwise happy to continue doing it.  Life has been busy lately and i apologize for not being able to participate in every round as I would very much like to. 


Thanks!   -Rick

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Thanks again for setting this up and running it Rick. It guarantees I play Jaguar at least once a month and I also play some Jag games that Reboot didn't make. It can be difficult to play some of the retail games when the Jaguar Indy games are so much more fun.


I like the pinball games even through they are kinda broken. I would never play them outside the HSC, so I would like to see one of them on the list.

I have not played all of the ST games, how about adding one of those?


...and....how about Zool 2? I own it, but never have played it. It looks fun.

I have never played International Sensible Soccer, either? Any good?

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I’ll second those. I would like a reason to spend some time with Zool 2.

Since we did Pinball Fantasies last season, I’d like to do Ruiner this one. Actually I’d like to do both :D


I don’t think the Mad Bodies rom is authorized to circulate but I would love to do that one.


I’d like to do Stunt Car Racer from the ST. Head Over Heels would give me a reason to finally buy it.

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