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SMB1 level compression

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I know I'm not an NES coder. I'm a 7800 coder.

The thing is I want an easier way for ICT2 and beyond to compress level data. Now I know the basics of SMB1 level generation:

1. A bunch of room objects are placed in a "Page" 

2. Each page is a nametable size

3. Room objects can be different sizes, even ones of the same ID


How does this all work? Please let me know!

For ICT2, I wanted to use a 16KB RAM expansion and 128KB using SUPER or Activision with a POKEY at $450 (or $4000 if I can use POKEY without SKCTL)


8KB would be for the level. It would be decompressed and then the game would let you play the level, being decompressed in RAM. 


I'd like to know how SMB1 compresses level data and how it all works. 

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