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Severely degraded performance with Zerosquare engine selected.


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When calling jsfGetPad() or jsfGetPadPressed() with the ZeroSquare engine selected in rapapp.s

the frame rate suffers greatly, dropping up to 5 frames at a time.


Switching to the U-235 engine in rapapp.s the problem goes away.


Steps to repeat...

Create a new C project

build test newc


Leave the Zerosquare player selected in rapapp.s

player equ 0     ;0=Zerosquare's player, 1=U-235 player ( selecting U235 may cause issues in Virtual Jaguar 2.1.2 but works on hardware )


Change basicmain() in test .c to this...

void basicmain()
	jsfSetFontIndx(1);							// Set font style
	jsfSetFontSize(1);							// Set font size

	rapLocate(130,182);							// Position the text cursor

	// Main Loop
		js_r_textbuffer=(char *)ee_printf("%2d", rapTicks);	
		rapTicks = 0;
		jsfVsync(0);								// Screen Update

	  int pad1 = jsfGetPad(LEFT_PAD);
	  pad1 = jsfGetPadPressed(LEFT_PAD);


The number printed is the number of ticks.

The code resets ticks to zero after printing it.


With the Zerosquare engine the number prints sporadically between 2 and 10.

With the U-235 engine the number prints only a '1'.

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Are you testing that in Virtual Jaguar (or another emulator) or on actual hardware?


On some computers, one sound engine or the other can sometimes perform poorly, however the exact same code will run fine on the actual Jaguar.




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11 hours ago, JagMod said:

This was in VJ.

I didn't try it on real hardware.


Not unexpected then. It'll work fine on h/w.


We will not be investing time to change working code so that emulators can run it.  That is a job for the emulator authors :D

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