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It's Conner Time NES version heads up

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I'm not a NES coder. But I know that if I release a version for the NES, it will probably do better since the NES sold 10 times more units. 


I just wanted to put it out there that after the 7800 version is finished, I'll make a NES version.


BUT, the NES version might be it's own game, and it might not happen because the 7800 is my main focus AND the 7800 is much more powerful graphically than the NES. 

"But the resolution is higher!!" you say. Well, it's not the resolution.

In 320A sprites can be as big as 512*16.

In 160B, sprites can be as big as 64*16. And that's with 12 colors!

Not to mention, that only takes up 1/4 of the DMA on the 7800. You can really do much more.

ALSO, the 7800 can scroll rows independently of eachother.

ALSO!, there are more-

Ok, that's enough.


Some games do look better than their 7800 counterparts. DK and DKJR being big ones there.

On the other hand, stuff like midnight mutants really shine. I mean, try to make it look better on the NES folowing these rules:

1. 128KB of space

2. NO other features besides #1

Good luck!


Anyway, I want to make a NES version of my game so you guys can play it. HOWEVER, it will also follow the Mapper 0 design. Thanks for understanding the delay.

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