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Tank Mission (River Raid Hack)


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3 hours ago, LatchKeyKid said:

I like the Kaboom! upon explosion.  Did you change the speed of the enemies or the tank?  It's an interesting change to have the option to drive past the former bridge/guard house instead of destroying it.

Glad you liked these changes during the blast. I didn't really notice if there was an increase in the speed of enemy targets, it wasn't my intention. What happens perhaps is the behavior of some enemy targets, who pass through barriers as if they didn't exist.
See my next release hack based also on River Raid, enemy targets have the same behavior as in Tank Mission.
Depending on what you change in the code, you can close doors, making it impossible to play at a certain point in the game, or simply open everything and release the entire path. See the two examples below, changing just a fraction of the code and you again return to classic mode, in the second example, changing almost an entire line of programming and you will eliminate almost 100 percent of all barriers, leaving the field wide open and can eliminate everything that appears in front of you, including the trees and the small military posts, of course that will add nothing to your score.

Captura de tela_2022-08-12_19-01-10.png

Captura de tela_2022-08-12_18-55-09.png

Tank Mission - Classic Mode (2022) (River Raid Hack) [Alfredtdk].bin Tank Mission - No Barriers (2022) (River Raid Hack) [Alfredtdk].bin

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