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MiniADF in A500 by Piotr Gozdur not working


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I have an rev 6a Amiga 500 with a Romulator Kickstart ROM adapter and a TF536 installed. I'm trying to install a MiniADF, designed by Piotr Gozdur, into my machine. It is not working properly. The unit is v1.0 with v 0.6 firmware.


The SD card is formatted FAT32, as required. I have a few ADFs on the SD card. The display on the MiniADF is working, and I can scroll through the files and select them without an issue. If I have the internal floppy drive connected instead of the MiniADF, the floppy drive works fine.


If the floppy power cable is connected to the MiniADF when I turn on the Amiga, no FDD is detected at all. If I leave it unplugged until after the machine has started booting from my hard drive, it detects a FDD but the DF0: is always unreadable. (AmigaTestKit image below). It does not matter which Kickstart ROM I use... (1.3, 3.1, 3.x or 3.2).


Does anyone have any experience with the MiniADF? Does anyone know how I can contact Piotr Gozdur? Any suggestions on what I should do next?





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