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The time has come to part ways with some TV's I have. I plan on moving soon (within the year) and they are not coming with me.


I have a Sony Wega Trinitron which is either 25 or 27inch.....can't recall but I will check soon. It works great and is in excellent condition too. 


I also have a 32inch (might be a 27inch though, it is stored in a closet atm and once again I have to check) JVC TV which also works great.


The Wega is the "flat screen" type model, the JVC is the old traditional "bubble" type of display. The JVC is a late 90's or early 2000's TV, and the Wega is somewhere in the 2003-2004 range.



They are free for the taking. only ONE caveat. YOU must carry them (or get a friend or two to help) get them out of my house. I am one flight of stairs up on the second floor of a two family house. I manhandled these TV's up the stairs years ago on my own and I am not moving them again. I'll probably get a hernia if I do ;)


If you want some nice gaming TV sets and you are in the Northern NJ area, let me know!

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Here's the Wega with Sony stand. The glass doors are long gone. But, I do have the remote and a printout with instructions to get into service mode for fine adjustments. It works perfectly.


I am going to give this a week here and then if no takers I will put it on FB marketplace....and if no takers there well it will probably be tossed. I don't want it to come to that but I just have no room.



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