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[WIP] Xirbnekorb

Fort Apocalypse

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Game story:


You are defenders of the brixirb armada, who battle evil across the faces of the multiverses, and are currently on leave, playing xirbnekorb, as usual.


Use your omni-multiversal wormholes to release the nlui into the force shields to ensure they stay safe.


Don't lose the nlui, as you only have four! Lose all your nlui and you lose the game. Maximize your points. Darby bet against you.


How to play:

  • Press the joystick button to release the nlui.
  • Move your joystick to move yourself and your mirrorself to rebound the nlui through the force shields.
  • You get a point each time you receive the nlui.
  • Don't lose the nlui!
  • You may press the joystick button to start a new round or the reset button to restart the game.


Good luck!


Thanks to @splendidnut for his assistance with an problem during development!



xirbnekorb_0.6.bas.bin xirbnekorb_0.6.bas

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Release 0.2

  • Some gameplay implementation: try to play catch between the left and right sides for now, but no enforcement or points.
  • Press button to create playfield for fun but no profit.
  • Periodic force shields.

I'm not sure whether to make bricks fall to left and right and have player avoid them, or use breakout/brickout gameplay, or what, yet, but it's becoming slightly more interesting.


xirbnekorb_0.2.bas xirbnekorb_0.2.bas.bin

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