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flight simulator ii with scenery (san inc pack).po


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Currently rotting away in Asimov's incoming folder is this "flight simulator ii with scenery (san inc pack).po"..


Does anyone in the know know if this is all the scenery disks installed and pre-configured? I ask because I was about to get going on something like that. And of course don't want to duplicate efforts.

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Actually this is the more relevant topic, since it deals with the new ProDOS port of Flight Simulator II: https://groups.google.com/g/comp.sys.apple2/c/k-THYT8ziQU  scroll down to the bottom. According to qkumba disk 11 and 14A of the scenery disks are corrupt. he's waiting for them to be re-imaged as nibs.

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While on the the topic, a side topic pops into my feeble infantile mind.. What is the purpose of the san inc packs?


Do they serve a technical purpose? Easier to put on ProDOS volumes? Put more of them on a volume? A demonstration of technical prowess through the packing routines? Put them on ProDOS because it seems to be the more popular OS and seems supported more widely?


Which brings up one other question. Would ProDOS be the most complex 8-bit OS? Or might that go to SpartaDOS on the Atari line?

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