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TI-99 Text Adventure Games


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Looking to buy any of these, specifically the Scott Adams ones. Looking for "complete" - Cassette/cart(if applicable) manual/instructions. There one guy selling one of each - he must be sitting on old inventory, but they're a bit pricey for me.  PM or reply here!  🙂

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For TI Adventure materials, two things are needed: the Adventure cartridge (contains the game engine) and the actual game files (sold originally on Disk or Cassette). The first 12 Scott Adams adventures were sold this way by TI. Later, Scott Adams also released several additional Questprobe adventures compatible with the cartridge. Asgard software also released a series of adventures for it in the late eighties/early nineties.


The unique thing for the TI was the game engine being in the cartridge, making it very easy for homebrew adventures to utilize. There are at least 50 such homebrew adventures out there.


One note on the original TI releases: manuals come in two styles. The early ones were solid-color (two different colors, one for disk and the other for cassette), and later color picture manuals (only released for some of the titles).


You are right that the ones on eBay are from an NOS hoard. They came from the stocks of a Dhein's Tru-Value hardware store in Ames Iowa that specialized in TI hardware/software BITD. The owner closed the store when he retired and it stayed locked up until he passed away 25 years later, when his heirs decided it was time to clean the place out. The store was one of the top ten TI vendors in the country BITD, so there was a lot of stuff in there. . .and the current seller thinks it is worth a lot more than the current market price in a mostly saturated market.



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Yea Thanks. I actually have gotten all but one of them. I did but a few from the Ebay seller. Overpriced I know, but I wanted them with the box and manual and nobody else was selling any. I got a few loose from Ebay and bought boxes for them but the boxes too were pricey and weren't even new. BUT I did manage to get almost the complete collection, I'm only missing Sorcerer of Claymorgue, and no way am I paying the asking price on Ebay.

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One note on the Asgard titles released for the Adventure cartridge: they came with nice manuals, but they were not boxed (they were in ziploc-style bags). I have all of them in my reference set, but they aren't for sale. Tex-Comp sold the original 12 adventures as a set with a single manual for a while too--it also included an additional title: Knight Ironheart.

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